favorite weekend expectation is to get out of city to serene lush green place, having a good exchange on your favorite topics with enthusiastic friends and wrap up with good lunch….that is exactly was the experience this weekend with visionary leader Dr.Pratap Reddy and students of Dhruva Institute of Management discussing AI overview and exchanging the expectations of future on our life at large.

At the session presented basics of AI and demo on industry case studies to give the idea of possibility to the budding management students. Students were very engaging and excited on the topic with multiple queries and ideas on the areas they can apply AI.

Key questions like:

  • Can ethics and values be taught to machines?
  • If Machines get better than Humans, WHAT NEXT?
  • AI role in Healthcare and nano technology?
  • Role of business analyst in AI?
  • How AI will impact marketing?

  • Really gives a confidence on the new millennial generation – surely they are THINKING BIG!!!

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